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Carrier Ethernet Service Demarcation

Telecommunications Carriers often require to deliver Layer-2 Ethernet circuits as an infrastructure either for high-capacity IP VPN networks or indeed for Layer-2 VPN or VPLS-based services.

Service Providers, and even end-user customers, increasingly demand stringent ‘Service Level Agreements’ (SLAs) which go beyond the conventional lead-time, availability and maintenance conditions and now include characteristics of the infrastructure itself, such as Committed Information Rate (CIR), Packet-Loss Ratio (PLR), Delay (or ‘latency’) and Delay Variation (or ‘jitter’). In order to ensure end-to-end visibility and monitoring of such characteristics, Carriers and Ethernet Service Providers generally deploy Managed ‘Ethernet Demarcation Devices’ (EDDs).

MetroCONNECT Ethernet Devices

MetroCONNECT Ethernet Demarcation Devices

Typical features of such devices include:

  • Management visibility to LAN and WAN connection state at the customer site
  • VLAN support using 802.1Q, including Q-in-Q stacked VLANs
  • Quality of service using 802.1p VLAN prioritisation with traffic policing and shaping
  • Service monitoring using 802.3ah EFM and 802.1ag CFM
  • SLA performance measurement and verification using Y.1731
  • Service installation and provisioning using RFC2544 and Y.1564

Some typical Ethernet Network Deployment examples using Managed Demarcation devices

MetroCONNECT Carrier Ethernet Demarcation Devices

Metrodata offers a range of Ethernet Access Demarcation products with support for these functions, whilst maintaining the lowest possible unit cost:

  • FCM8000 Managed Ethernet Demarcation Device for copper or fibre infrastructure
  • FCM9004 Advanced multi-port Ethernet Demarcation Device, including comprehensive multi-flow provisioning tools and in-service SLA monitoring (throughput, packet-loss, latency, jitter)
  • FCM9002 Low cost Ethernet Demarcation Device for copper or fibre infrastructure, with advanced feature-set including test-traffic generation and in-service SLA monitoring
  • MC12000 For Metro Edge Access concentration, Metrodata provides the MC12000 Ethernet Service Delivery platform which, used in combination with FCC9000 Ethernet Access modules, enables Metrodata’s ‘zero-touch’ provisioning for EDD deployments

Our EDD range offers the capability advanced fibre fault detection by utilising Optical Time-domain Reflectometer (OTDR), follow the link for further information.