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New Network Performance Assurance Tester Release

Metrodata has today launched a range of cost-effective ‘always on’ embedded LAN & WAN Performance Test and Monitoring solutions for the Enterprise market under the company’s NetTESTER brand. Today’s Corporate Network Managers face greater challenges than ever before as they seek to maximize availability and minimise delays and congestion for their users. The three ‘V’s […]

Redundant Power Supplies for Ethernet Demarcation Devices

Metrodata is pleased to announce the imminent launch of dual redundant AC power supply variants for the MetroCONNECT range of ‘Ethernet Demarcation Devices’ (EDDs), specifically for the current FCM9004 product as well as the recently announced FCM9005, due for release later this year. Whilst Metrodata’s current products feature high quality internal PSUs with a ‘Mean […]

New Ethernet Demarcation Devices Announced

Metrodata is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of two new members of the MetroCONNECT ‘Ethernet Demarcation Device’ (EDD) family, the FCM9003 and FCM9005, including enhanced functionality for deployments with Layer-3 Networks. The new products, scheduled for release in Q3 of 2015, offer the same functionality as the existing FCM9002 and FCM9004 respectively, but with the key addition of […]

“MetroWAVE for Virtual1 London Fibre Network”

Virtual1 has deployed ‘MetroWAVE’ Optical Multiplexers from Metrodata Ltd. for the heart of its recently launched London-wide fibre infrastructure. Long-standing UK Network Equipment Manufacturer Metrodata Ltd., already a partner with its MetroCONNECT family of Managed Ethernet Demarcation Devices (EDDs), worked with Virtual1 to design a key element of the Metro-area fibre network, stretching from Docklands […]

MetroWAVE DWDM Multiplexers launched

We are pleased to announce the two new additions to the MetroWAVE product family: MetroWAVE-D9 – 9 Channel DWDM Multiplexer MetroWAVE-D16 – 16 Channel DWDM Multiplexer With these the MetroWAVE product range is expanded from passive CWDM multiplexers to include passive DWDM multiplexers. The DWDM multiplexers operate in the 100GHz DWDM C-band (ch25-ch40). The new multiplexers […]

New Release: FCM9002 Ethernet Access Demarcation

Metrodata is pleased to announce the release of a new member of the MetroCONNECT ‘Ethernet Access Device’ (EAD) family, the FCM9002. Slightly less flexible and with fewer physical ports than the FCM9004 released in November 2012, the FCM9002 nevertheless offers advanced functionality for both Ethernet Infrastructure Carriers and Service Providers, at a very attractive price-point. […]

EDD with OTDR White Paper

Following on from our recent news release where we added full OTDR to our FCM9004 Ethernet Demarcation Device, we have now released a White Paper looking at it is now possible to incorporate physical-level fibre integrity checking and fault-reporting to such devices. Optical Time-domain Reflectometer (OTDR) functionality is provided by the FCM9004, by incorporating the iSFC® […]

Support for OTDR in EDD Family

Metrodata has added support in the FCM9004 Advanced Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD) for detection and reporting the distance to fibre disconnections or breakages via Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry (OTDR). In association with Optical Zonu Corp. of California, Metrodata’s FCM9004 now includes software drivers to support that company’s iSFC® Fast Fiber Fault Finder transceivers. These devices, which are installed just like regular SFP fibre […]

IP VPN & Ethernet WAN Services White Paper

This paper provides a brief overview of both IP VPN and Ethernet WAN services, looking at the pros and cons of both, from the perspective of both Service Provider and customer, and then considers some of the challenges facing the Service Provider community, both in meeting increasing customer demands for ‘Wires Only’ Ethernet Access to […]

Advanced Ethernet Demarcation Device

Metrodata is pleased to announce that the FCM9004 Advanced ‘Ethernet Demarcation Device’ (EDD), sometimes alternatively referred to in the market as a ‘Network Interface Device’ (NID), is now fully shipping and is already in use with a number of Ethernet Service Provider customers. One of the most powerful Access products which Metrodata has produced in its 23+ […]