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Metrodata approved for GSA (US General Services Administration) Contract

Metrodata has now successfully became a supplier of 11 key products under the GSA Contract: LH1000 – Ethernet over HSSI Extender LV2000 – Ethernet over LVDS Extender BC1000 – HSSI DTE to LVDS DCE Converter BC1100 – HSSI DCE to LVDS DTE Converter FC3000 – E3 / DS3 Multimode Fibre Modem FC3100 – E3 / DS3 Short Haul singlemode Fibre Modem FC3200 – E3 / […]

FIMO-2000: Serial to Fiber

Increasing Metrodata’s Fibre products even further a new Serial to Fibre (MM and SM) converter has been developed to allow faster serial data transfer over a fibre network. The FIMO-2000 supports EIA530, V.35, V.36, X.21 and RS232 interfaces offering data rates from Nx64kbps up to 8.192Mbps over Multimode or Singlemode fibre, which is typically four times as […]


Metrodata have just launched a new centralised management chassis to optimise your rack space, reduce interfacing costs and provide a single unit to house multiple interface I/O modules. The MetroRack has 12 available slots to mix and match multiple cards from Metrodata’s range of I/O modules. These include Interface conversion, Fibre conversion and LAN extension. […]

FIMO-232: RS232 to Fibre

New enhanced RS232 to Fibre Converter from Metrodata There are many RS232 interface devices such as terminals, printers, computers, video displays and ticketing machines that can be easily connected over the increasing use of Fibre links. Metrodata now offers an enhanced converter with features providing the benefits of supporting RS232 asynchronous data rates up to […]

Metrodata NATO NC3A BOA

Metrodata received notification that our Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) was awarded on Monday 20th August 2007, and it was completed and activated on 10th September 2007. Metrodata’s earliest work with NATO was in 1993 when we were involved in ATM Over Satcom Interoperability between: CELAR (France) DERA (UK) CECOM (USA) More recently involvements included a […]

Baseband Converter – LVDS HSSI

Designed for connecting satcom, routers and radio systems to Encryption Equipment, the BC1x00 was developed to compliment new serial link and bulk cryptos using the LVDS/ EIA644 interface. This LVDS interface is not commonly found on Telecoms or Radio Systems and so the BC1x00 allows connectivity of LVDS Encryption Equipment to existing or incompatible HSSI devices. With a maximum […]

LV2000 – LVDS Converter

Designed initially for delivering IP Services over Serial Satellite Links, the LV2000 came about because most satellite networks and satellite users already have serial satellite modems within their infrastructure. Rather than investing in IP Enabled Modems, the LV2000 allows you to re-use existing LVDS Satellite Modems such as the Comtech EFDATA CDM600 or the Radyne […]