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Advanced Ethernet Demarcation Device

Metrodata is pleased to announce that the FCM9004 Advanced ‘Ethernet Demarcation Device’ (EDD), sometimes alternatively referred to in the market as a ‘Network Interface Device’ (NID), is now fully shipping and is already in use with a number of Ethernet Service Provider customers.

One of the most powerful Access products which Metrodata has produced in its 23+ year history, the FCM9004 offers comprehensive functionality for both Ethernet Infrastructure Carriers and Service Providers, at an attractive price-point. The product, typically deployed as a Carrier Access ‘Customer Premise Equipment’ (CPE), supports simple and rapid installation through a ‘zero-touch commissioning’ (ZTC) process. The FCM9004 offers the Service Provider not only in-depth customer site management visibility, but also end-to-end circuit performance assurance, via advanced Service-Level Management (S-OAM) capabilities, including ITU-T Y.1564 profile test-traffic generation, remote loop-back and detailed performance analysis functions, all at line-rate for services up to 1Gbps.

At the heart of the FCM9004, a custom hardware ‘Service Assurance Module (SAM)’ enables precise testing and in-use monitoring of throughput, delay (latency) and delay variation (jitter), for one or more services, providing pro-active alerts should these breach pre-defined customer ‘service level agreement’ parameters.

FCM9004: End-to-End Management and Monitoring

For more information regarding the capabilities of the FCM9004 please either contact our sales team (+44 (0)1784 744700) or view the FCM9004 datasheet.