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BFBS upgrades UK – Germany Radio Link

The British Forces Broadcasting Service upgrades its Radio link between Chalfont UK and Herford Germany. Metrodata’s FM4500 (E1 X.21 mux) was designed into the radio link to multiplexa 256kbps Audio Codec feed and 1792kbps Cisco 1600 IP Router feed, over an 2Mbps E1 between UK and Germany.

The FM4500 is a popular mux that can feed four separate X.21 ports and a fractional E1 drop port (Nx64kps) into a 2Mbps Line E1. The X.21 port selection has allowed BFBS to increase the Audio Codec rate from 64kbps to 256kbps enhancing audio quality.

The FM4500 is also available with V.35 ports and has a SNMP management option.