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EDD with OTDR White Paper

Fibre Fault Finding with OTDRFollowing on from our recent news release where we added full OTDR to our FCM9004 Ethernet Demarcation Device, we have now released a White Paper looking at it is now possible to incorporate physical-level fibre integrity checking and fault-reporting to such devices. Optical Time-domain Reflectometer (OTDR) functionality is provided by the FCM9004, by incorporating the iSFC® ‘Fast Fiber Fault Finder’ transceivers of Optical Zonu Corp.

In the event of a fibre disconnection or breakage, this offers Telecoms Carriers and Service Providers automatic and immediate visibility of the exact distance to the fibre discontinuity, enabling fast remedial action to be taken, reducing both costs and time-to-repair for customer services.

Download our white paper: Ethernet Demarcation Devices with built-in OTDR support