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Metrodata NATO NC3A BOA


Metrodata received notification that our Basic Ordering Agreement (BOA) was awarded on Monday 20th August 2007, and it was completed and activated on 10th September 2007.

Metrodata’s earliest work with NATO was in 1993 when we were involved in ATM Over Satcom Interoperability between:

  • CELAR (France)
  • DERA (UK)

More recently involvements included a deployable naval satcom system, where Metrodata provided our Access Processor backbone switch to the both the HSV and the Flag Ship of the US Navy’s Commander Second Fleet / NATO Striking Atlantic as well as ground based terminals.

Working with leading Prime and Sub Contractors, Systems Integrators as well as Defense End Users has meant that we have built up a portfolio of products that enable optimised Defense networking, and allow interoperability of odd bitrates, interfaces and protocols.

Our niche is interfacing SATCOM, Crypto, Radio Relay Systems and Data Comms with IP, ATM, Fibre and Terrestrial Equipment.

Benefits of working with Metrodata equipment are:

  • Our technical support and expertise in defense networking.
  • The reliability and quality of our products
  • Our fast customer service response times
  • The fact our equipment supports asymmetric bitrates, odd bitrates, 1bps increments.
  • British Design and Manufacture

Working with other defense manufacturers we spend a great deal of time working on proof of concepts systems as well as interfacing legacy equipment and networks to new technologies and products. Time is often critical in our work and we have a rapid prototyping capability often used by the Defense community.

Metrodata products include Switches, Multiplexors, Fibre Optic Modems (FOM), DSUs, Interface Converters, Protocol Converters, Rate Converters and specialist interface converters for:

  • Satcom Modems
  • Crypto Equipment
  • Radio Relay Systems
  • Routers
  • ATM Switches
  • Leased Lines
  • Fibre Optic Links

Where applicable Chassis and Rackmounting is available for these products.

Metrodata provide products supporting Military Communications features such as precise clocking/timing, odd bitrates and fast serial interfaces. With clients such as NATO, US DoD, NASA and most major Prime Contractors we are used to remove interfacing and interoperability headaches. All our products are COTS, but many of them were developed originally for Satcom and Crypto interfacing.

With our flagship AP Platform we can support EIA530 Circuit Emulation to 20Mbps in 1bps increments for precise timing, and also support asymmetric clocking. Also we support ATM cells over serial interfaces including EIA530 to 20Mbps, as well as ECL interfacing for X-Band.

A list of these products follows.

Any associated technical data sheets, application notes or manuals are available from the designated Metrodata POC as shown in Part 1 paragraph 10.5 or can be downloaded from

Prices for the selection of products are supplied under separate Price Annex and are to be treated as “commercial-in-confidence”.

For spares, cables and additional product enquiries please contact the Metrodata POC as shown in Part 1 paragraph 10.5

Metrodata products support the following physical interfaces:

  • BNC – E1, E2, E3, DS-3 and STM-1 / OC-3
  • Serial – RS232, EIA530, X.21, RS449, V.35, HSSI, ECL, ASI and LVDS / EIA644
  • Fiber – Multi Mode, Single Mode Short Haul and Single Mode Long Haul
  • Ethernet – 10BaseT, 10/100BaseT, 100BaseT


For interfacing Leased Line, Radio, Router, Satellite and Crypto Baseband Interfaces


For transporting Ethernet over Serial Equipment including Leased Lines, Radio, Satellite Modems and Crypto. Use IP over Legacy serial equipment. Utilise new bandwidth efficient serial modems and new Crypto Modernized Link Encryption Devices.


For transporting Ethernet over ITU-T specified Leased Line and Microwave Radio equipment.

Multiple Ethernet and E1/T1 Over Fibre / SDH / SONET

For transporting up to 8 x E1/T1 plus 8 x Ethernet over a Fibre Link. Supports GFP Mapping of services over SONET or SDH Networks.


With a range of established Fibre Optic Converters and the new FiMo range for Satcom and Crypto over Fibre Metrodata support most military FOM requirements with COTS equipment.

E1 Drop/Insert Multiplexer

For transporting Nx64kbps Data and E1 Voice over E1 Interfaces. For multiplexing X.21 or V.35 over E1.

AP Access Concentrator Platform

The Access Processor is a modular ATM Switch based platform specifically designed for interfacing Satcom, Radio and Crypto into standard terrestrial networks, leased lines and WAN infrastructure. With the worlds most flexible ATM Switch serial interfaces we support 20Mbps on EIA530 110Mbps on HSSI and 1bps increments as well as Asymmetric bitrates. Also Auto Crypto Resync is available on our ATM Cell Bearing EIA530 Module.

  • AP3000 Access Processor 3 Slot Chassis
  • AP4000 Access Processor 4-5 Slot Chassis
  • AP8000 Access Processor 8-9 Slot Chassis
  • Standard ATM Modules – E1, E2, E3, DS3 and STM-1 / OC-3
  • Specialist Serial ATM Cell Bearing Modules – EIA530, HSSI and ASI
  • Standard non-ATM / Circuit Emulation Modules – T1, E1, E2, E3, DS3
  • Specialist Circuit Emulation Modules – EIA530, HSSI, ECL, ASI, LAN (100Mbps wire speed)


The Metrodata ATM Switching DSU range supports E1, E2, E3, DS3 and STM-1/OC-3 interfaces, and conversion between any of these. A small selection of the product range is shown below. Please contact the Metrodata POC for more options or visit

  • E3 to E1 ATM Converter
  • E3 to E2 ATM Converter
  • DS3 to E3 ATM Converter
  • STM-1 / OC-3 to E1 ATM Converter
  • STM-1 / OC-3 to E3 ATM Converter
  • STM-1 / OC-3 to DS3 ATM Converter