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MetroWAVE DWDM Multiplexers launched

We are pleased to announce the two new additions to the MetroWAVE product family:

MetroWAVE-D9 – 9 Channel DWDM Multiplexer
MetroWAVE-D16 – 16 Channel DWDM Multiplexer

With these the MetroWAVE product range is expanded from passive CWDM multiplexers to include passive DWDM multiplexers. The DWDM multiplexers operate in the 100GHz DWDM C-band (ch25-ch40). The new multiplexers offer an  uplink of 1550nm, providing a CWDM compatible optical signal that allows cascading from a MetroWAVE9 CWDM mux/demux unit.

For more information regarding these or any of our existing product range contact our sales department.