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MetroWAVE Optical TAP Launch

Metrodata is pleased to announce two products which support the increasing need of organisations for non-invasive Fibre network monitoring and traffic analysis.

Leveraging our MetroWAVE Passive CWDM product line, two Optical TAP products are now available, offering the highest Optical TAP density currently in the market. In general, a network TAP (‘Traffic Analysis Point’ or ‘Traffic Access Port’) is a hardware device which provides a break-out connection in the traffic path of a network, mirroring data borne within the path out to a monitor port.

The MetroWAVE-TAP products provide 24 duplex (i.e. both transmit and Receive direction) break-out connections for multi-mode or single-mode fibre based networks, within a compact 1U shelf unit. Each TAP simply provides a mirrored output of the Tx/Rx fibre link and causes no degradation or modification of the passing data. The MetroWAVE units require no power and contain no electrical components, they operate purely using passive optical splitter technology, similar to that within the MetroWAVE CWDM multiplexer family. The two products in this range are:

As standard, the MetroWAVE-TAP devices split the optical power of both transmit and receive signal paths in a 50:50 ratio between Line and Tap ports, although it is possible to alter this split ratio depending upon specific customer requirements. Each TAP can readily support data signalling up to 10Gbps.

MetroWAVE-TAP-SM Front

MetroWAVE-TAP Rear

MetroWAVE-TAP-SM front (line in/out) and rear (tap) panel views


For more details, click on the links above or contact Michael Smith, Sales & Marketing Manager, or call the Metrodata Sales Team on +44 (0)1784 744700.