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New Ethernet Demarcation Devices Announced

Metrodata is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of two new members of the MetroCONNECT ‘Ethernet Demarcation Device’ (EDD) family, the FCM9003 and FCM9005, including enhanced functionality for deployments with Layer-3 Networks.

The new products, scheduled for release in Q3 of 2015, offer the same functionality as the existing FCM9002 and FCM9004 respectively, but with the key addition of service verification and in-service monitoring using IP traffic addressing over Ethernet. Circuit set-up verification, using RFC2544 and Y.1564 regimes, will support IP addressing to characterise performance across IP Routed backbones in addition to pure ‘Layer-2’ Ethernet networks. Additionally, through support of the Two-Way Active Measurement Protocol (TWAMP), similar highly precise in-service performance monitoring will be supported across Layer-3 IP network infrastructures, to that provided via Y.1731 for Layer-2 Ethernet networks.

With regard to in-service performance monitoring across Layer-3 networks, both FCM9003 and FCM9005 will support TWAMP-light controller/generator and responder functionality, for maximum flexibility in deployment. This will facilitate both monitoring and alarming of latency and latency variation (jitter) characteristics for traffic between FCM family devices across an IP network, in much the same way that the current EDD products devices implement support for Layer-2 (MAC addressed) traffic via the Y.1731 protocol.

Please click here to download a presentation regarding circuit set-up testing and in-service performance monitoring for Layer-2 and Layer-3 networks in combination with Metrodata’s FCM family of Ethernet Demarcation Devices (EDDs). Full details of Metrodata’s current managed EDDs and other members of the MetroCONNECT Managed LAN Extension family may be found here.

The new products will offer advanced, and yet cost-effective, performance measurement and monitoring to Carriers and Service Providers for deployments in which some or all of the network infrastructure between customer sites is IP-Routed. Metrodata’s existing products will continue to be offered in parallel for those customers requiring only Layer-2 performance monitoring.

Data sheets and further information will be released for the new products during the next two months, but for further information please contact our Sales team at