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New Release: FCM9002 Ethernet Access Demarcation

Metrodata is pleased to announce the release of a new member of the MetroCONNECT ‘Ethernet Access Device’ (EAD) family, the FCM9002.

Slightly less flexible and with fewer physical ports than the FCM9004 released in November 2012, the FCM9002 nevertheless offers advanced functionality for both Ethernet Infrastructure Carriers and Service Providers, at a very attractive price-point. Typically deployed as a Carrier Ethernet Access Device, the FCM9002 fully supports Metrodata’s ‘zero-touch commissioning’ (ZTC) process for simple and rapid installation and service turn-up.

The product offers the Service Provider not only in-depth customer site management visibility, but also end-to-end circuit performance assurance, via advanced Carrier Ethernet Service-Level Management (S-OAM) capabilities, including ITU-T Y.1564 profile test-traffic generation, remote loop-back and analysis, all at line-rate for services up to 1Gbps.

At the heart of the FCM9002, Metrodata’s custom-hardware based ‘Service Assurance Module (SAM)’ enables not only precise turn-up testing but also, via the ITU-T Y.1731 protocol, in-service monitoring of throughput, latency and jitter, providing pro-active alerts should these breach pre-defined customer ‘Service Level Agreement’ (SLA) parameters. In common with the FCM9004, the FCM9002 also supports Metrodata’s unique fibre monitoring and fault localisation functionality, via integrated Optical Time-domain Reflectometry (OTDR).

Contact our Sales team for more details on how our FCM9002 can increase your network capability whilst reducing your total cost of ownership.