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Passive CWDM Multiplexers

Metrodata is pleased to announce a new range of Passive CWDM Optical Multiplexers under the ‘MetroWAVE’ brand. 5-port and 9-port mux/de-mux units are available,both of which have the added benefit of providing support for a ‘traditional’, non-CWDM wavelength optical input and a monitor port enabling in-service diagnostics.  Our MetroWAVE multiplexers are small, lightweight and unpowered devices, providing high reliability and comprehensive features at an extremely cost-effective price.

The company offers a range of 155Mbps and 1.25Gbps CWDM-wavelength SFP Transceivers for use with the multiplexers and a precision hand-held Optical Powermeter which serves as an excellent installation and diagnostic tool for all CWDM applications.

The full range at launch includes:

MetroWAVE 5: 5 channel CWDM multiplexer with expansion port and monitor port

MetroWAVE 4A: 4-channelCWDM multiplexer with expansion port (add on to MetroWAVE-5 to make MetroWAVE-9)

MetroWAVE 9: 9 channel CWDM multiplexer with monitor port

MetroWAVE Powermeter: 18-channel CWDM Optical Powermeter

MetroWAVE Rack: Mounts 3 off MetroWAVE CWDM multiplexers into 1U of a 19 inch rack

MetroWAVE SFP: Range of 155Mbps and 1.25Gbps CWDM SFP Transceivers, for up to 80km transmission across single-mode fibre (additional and enhanced specification devices available on request)
Used in combination with Metrodata’s well established range of Fibre interface converters, the MetroWAVE devices enable uniquely flexible network designs for customers having restricted availability to fibre and needing to achieve ‘bandwidth multiplication’ or to run multiple different services across single fibre links. Supporting simultaneous transmission of Serial, TDM (incl. SDH/PDH), IP/Ethernet, Fibre-channel (SAN), CCTV and other services, highly resilient point-to-point and ring topologies are possible.

For full details, see Passive CWDM Multiplexers