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Redundant Power Supplies for Ethernet Demarcation Devices

Metrodata is pleased to announce the imminent launch of dual redundant AC power supply variants for the MetroCONNECT range of ‘Ethernet Demarcation Devices’ (EDDs), specifically for the current FCM9004 product as well as the recently announced FCM9005, due for release later this year.

Whilst Metrodata’s current products feature high quality internal PSUs with a ‘Mean Time Between Failure’ (MTBF) of over 10 years, some customers, particularly those implementing Demarcation products in the Data Centre environment, wish to maximise resilience by taking advantage of the independent supply rails present in many such sites, to connect separate power feeds to their WAN Service Access point, i.e. the EDD.

The dual PSU variants, to be denoted FCM9004-2AC and FCM9005-2AC respectively, will feature slightly larger casing that the current single AC or -48V DC variants, although these can still readily be housed in 1U of a standard equipment cabinet, using an optional rack-mounting bracket.

FCM9004-2AC Redundant Power Supply

FCM9004-2AC Redundant Power Supply

The FCM9004-2AC will be orderable from the beginning of July, for availability from the end of the month. A similar approach may subsequently be introduced for the entry-level FCM9002 and (forthcoming) FCM9003 products in due course.

Data sheets will be released for the new products during the next two months, but for further information please contact our Sales team.