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Support for OTDR in EDD Family

iSFC Fibre FaultMetrodata has added support in the FCM9004 Advanced Ethernet Demarcation Device (EDD) for detection and reporting the distance to fibre disconnections or breakages via Optical Time-Domain Reflectometry (OTDR).

In association with Optical Zonu Corp. of California, Metrodata’s FCM9004 now includes software drivers to support that company’s iSFC® Fast Fiber Fault Finder transceivers. These devices, which are installed just like regular SFP fibre transceivers, into either LAN or WAN ports of the FCM9004, are single-fibre, full duplex transceivers with built-in OTDR functionality.

iSFC® Fast Fiber Fault Finder transceivers transmit and receive at the same wavelength. If a fibre link between two such transceivers is broken or disconnected, their optical fibre fault-detection mechanism calculates the distance to the fault along the fibre path. In combination with the FCM9004, this can trigger an alarm to a Service Provider’s Network Operations Centre and report both the loss of communications and the distance to the problem, allowing fast remedial action to be undertaken.

Metrodata Ltd. is the first EDD vendor to incorporate full commercial support for automated OTDR-based fault detection in this manner, and is pleased to be working in co-operation with Optical Zonu Corp. to bring not only comprehensive Ethernet service monitoring in terms of throughput, packet-loss, latency and jitter, but now also physical layer fibre fault detection and localisation, to its Telecoms Carrier and Ethernet Service Provider customers.

For more details, of the FCM9004 and forthcoming FCM9002 products, including their support for OTDR functionalityemail us or contact our sales team on +44 (0)1784 744700.