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Fibre connection used for NHS N3 LGS (Local gateway Service)

By using the N3 Local Gateway Service (a service  which provides an interface between a local telephone switch and the N3 Voice Services Central platform) the Royal Brompton Hospital and The Whittington Hospital London needed toconnect the LGS router to their PBX over a short distance of internal multimode fibre, unfortunately neither device offered fibre […]

FIMO-2000: Serial to Fiber

Increasing Metrodata’s Fibre products even further a new Serial to Fibre (MM and SM) converter has been developed to allow faster serial data transfer over a fibre network. The FIMO-2000 supports EIA530, V.35, V.36, X.21 and RS232 interfaces offering data rates from Nx64kbps up to 8.192Mbps over Multimode or Singlemode fibre, which is typically four times as […]

FIMO-232: RS232 to Fibre

New enhanced RS232 to Fibre Converter from Metrodata There are many RS232 interface devices such as terminals, printers, computers, video displays and ticketing machines that can be easily connected over the increasing use of Fibre links. Metrodata now offers an enhanced converter with features providing the benefits of supporting RS232 asynchronous data rates up to […]