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New Interface Converters for HSSI to EIA530

On the back of strong demand for the BC1X00 HSSI to LVDS (EIA664) converter products, which have seen use in a variety of applications interfacing between routers, serial encryptors, and Radio or Satellite Communications equipment, Metrodata has now launched a converter range for HSSI to EIA530 applications, the BC2x00 family. Two new products are offered, the BC2000 presents a HSSI DTE […]

Baseband Converter – LVDS HSSI

Designed for connecting satcom, routers and radio systems to Encryption Equipment, the BC1x00 was developed to compliment new serial link and bulk cryptos using the LVDS/ EIA644 interface. This LVDS interface is not commonly found on Telecoms or Radio Systems and so the BC1x00 allows connectivity of LVDS Encryption Equipment to existing or incompatible HSSI devices. With a maximum […]